Amidst chaos and life transitions, Ashley found solace in writing

I was a mess.

I’d just quit my job as an ER nurse, moved across the country for my husband’s medical residency, and had my third child. I was alone in a new state with a mostly absent husband and three small children.

Quitting the night shift was supposed to make this transition easier. It didn’t. It turns out not talking to adults and only using your brain to calculate when you need to breastfeed next only makes things harder.

I needed a challenge. A reason to get up in the morning and a way to keep my brain occupied while I cleaned crayon off the walls. My whole life I’d loved to read mystery books and decided it was time to write one of my own. So, I sat down and googled, “how do you write a book?”

Four months later I’d finished the first draft of Real Nurses Carry Mace. Hundreds of drafts and a few years later (after having my fourth child and moving to yet another state) it was finally published.

Now, I live in Indiana with my (thankfully no longer absent) husband and our four kids. They keep me crazy-busy, but I try to fit in as much writing as I can. I both love and hate every minute of it (the writing, not the parenting–I usually like that part).

I had so much fun reading this book! The mystery aspect was top notch. The romance was adorable. And the ER stories were the perfect icing on the cake. I loved the characters and their interactions with each other.”

– Jonathan

” I knew I wanted something fun and light to read, and this fit the bill. There was great character development, good romance, and a plot that had me guessing till the end. Warner is a great author, excited she wrote a sequel to this!”

– Timothy Ashworth

” I love Lindy! I hope Ashley writes another one. This series is such a fun read. I enjoy the will they, won’t they romance pull on my heart strings. Perfect amount of suspense and mystery entwined. Love to be kept guessing even though my sleep doesn’t love the page turning obsession. Perfect escape to read on vacation.”

– Foxytheraccoon12