Real Nurses Carry Mace

As long as ER nurse Lindy Landen has her Diet Dr Pepper she’s ready for anything, that is until her patients start mysteriously dying.

“Delightful over the top romantic comedy mystery. Laugh out loud fun!”
-Anita Dehghani

“Great character development, good romance, and a plot that had me guessing until the end.”
-Goodreads Review

Real Nurses Wear Goggles

A missing patient. Crazy ER injuries. A hunky lawyer.
Will Lindy find her patient before it’s too late?

“I want to be best friends with Lindy!”
-Kelsey Johnson, Amazon Reader

The Keeper

Meet Cassie. Her husband has a secret. What will happen when she discovers his secret?

The first in a series about a new, and highly secret witness protection community. Coming Soon!

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About the author

Ashley Warner

Ashley Warner lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana herding her four children, their pet turtle, and a crazy Goldendoodle. When she’s not baking with her kids, or running, or hiking with her fantastic husband, you can find her hiding in the corner feverishly working on her books.

She received her nursing degree at Brigham Young University, and worked in the Emergency Room where the idea for her Real Nurses series was born.

She grew up devouring any Nany Drew, Bobbsey Twins, or Boxcar Children’s book she could get her hands on. Her parents often found her snuggled up in a blanket next to a big stack of books. Not much has changed.

Thoroughly enjoyed this read!! There were so many possible suspects I kept changing who I thought it was. I literally just finished and had to come review it immediately.

Joni Redman Owens